If you are planning to build a solar water heater for your home, then you are on the way to saving a lot of money for yourself. However, you need to understand that building a home made solar hot water heater is not for beginners and you need to keep few things in mind while building it at your home. To assist you more in it, I am sharing these details with you below.


Do proper installation of pipes: If you will not install the pipes properly in your solar panel, then you will not be able to get any benefit from it. So, make sure you learn all about proper pipe installation before going ahead for this work.


Install glass with maximum sunlight: In order to get the maximum heating from your sunlight, you need to have an assurance that you get maximum sunlight on your glass. So, first you check the sunlight before you install your solar panel or your heat absorbing glass on your roof.


Do proper insulation: If you do not have proper insulation on your heating system, then it will not give you hot water all the time. Therefore, pay minute attention on the insulation of your heating pipes and water tanks so you do not lose the heat when sun is not available to give you warm water in your house.


Learn about storage tank capacity: Many people make great home made solar water heaters, but they do not calculate the correct capacity of their storage tanks. Because of this they do not get the hot water when needed. So, calculate the heating capacity of your glass and determine the exact tank capacity as well. This wise decision of your water tank requirements will assure that you continue to have running hot water up until the evening.