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Pyrmont Faulty Hot Water

Nathan was getting rather frustrated with the problems he was having with his hot water. He was having a chat to one of his mates who was a self-proclaimed handyman.
“Hey Chris, you know a lot of fixes around the house, what would you think would be causing my shower and hot water to go crazy?”
“It depends what you mean by going crazy I guess.” Chris replied.
“Well when I am having a shower, there are often noticeable changes in the water pressure basically a sudden loss of water pressure. Then we have water that surges randomly or the water flow slows down, it is very frustrating.”
“To be honest Nat, I would be calling in plumber to have a look at your hot water tank; there could be a problem with it. Hot water tanks are something that I keep away from. I once gave myself a bit of a fright and ended up blowing a fuse in the circuit board, just don’t mess with it get a plumber to have a look at it. Here try this one.”

Chris had handed Nat a business card for Your Neighbourhood plumber Pyrmont. Nathan called the plumber and they organised an early morning appointment the following day. The Pyrmont Plumber arrived at 7am and was briefed on the problems with the hot water supply by Nathan.

The Plumber went to the hot water tank and checked its age. He explained that the tank was 5 years old and needed a little bit of maintenance to ensure a steady supply of hot water. The plumber explained that there is a component called the sacrificial anode inside the tank and that it should be replaced while he is replacing the PRV so Nathan will get the maximum years out of the tank.

Nathan agreed to proceed with quoted work and was shocked when the plumber showed him the depleted anode. Nathan was really happy with the service the plumber gave him as he made it easy to understand what was required and what he was going to pay at the end of the job before even a spanner had been lifted.

The plumber replaced the parts and took the old parts away with him. He tested that the pressure coming from the tank was to Nathan’s satisfaction and cleaned the floor of the laundry before collecting payment, Nathan was impressed!

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