Times are gone where you lose the use of your kitchen sink or bathroom lavatory without warning following a problem from blocked drains.


There are simple ways to get things flowing again, drain cleaners being the best option.


And will drain cleaners work? The answer is a resounding yes!


Dealing with blockage


It’s not supposed to happen but you can be sure that water isn’t the only thing running down the drains. Grease and small particles, mostly from the kitchen sink, can make their way to the drain as well.


Your bathroom also has a share of the spoil with the clump of hair and soap scum it may host being the major offenders and needless to mention, foreign objects, bottle tops, toys or jewelry, can fall into the drain and block it further.


These substances build up gradually and line up your drain, then one day, a substance is all it takes to clog your drain.


You may have removed and cleaned your sink tap, or better yet, tried a sewer snake or auger but unfortunately it didn’t work.


It’s now time to use drain cleaners.


Chemical dry cleaners


They are the dominating drain cleaners in most store shelves and come in liquid, gel and powder forms.


As the name suggests, they work through chemical reactions by either gaining or losing electrons from/to the blocking substances.


Here are 3 major types:


1. Caustic drain cleaners


These are bases that give electrons and their hydroxide ions create the reaction that clear the clog.


Their basic reactions releases heat which turns grease into soap-like substance thus easily dissolved.


2. Oxidizing drain cleaners


Their chemicals cause the clog’s organic substances lose electrons and become oxidized.


Heat and gas is also released to clear the clog.


3. Acid drain cleaners


These host sulfuric or hydrochloric acid in high concentration which increases hydronium ions and their reaction with the clog’s material. Heat is then released. All the chemicals contained in the aforementioned cleaners can move through standing water since they are heavier than water.


Enzymatic drain cleaners


If at all you can’t withstand chemicals, these cleaners are your alternative.


They use enzymes and bacteria that feed naturally the organic materials that often clog drains. Once they digest the materials, they reproduce thus spreading more enzymes and bacteria.


In fact they were originally used to clean waste water systems and septic tanks.


Knowing this, you definitely have no struggle in settling questions such as, “will drain cleaners work?” or “how do drain cleaners work?”