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We take care all of your plumbing needs. Our Blocked Drain Specialists are highly trained to handle all sorts of blocked drain problems with the use of up-to-date drain clearing technologies.
The main causes of blocked drains are the following:

  • Tree roots can crack pipes leading to blockages
  • Leaves and other debris can clumped together causing blocked drains
  • Faults in the sewer lines
  • Toilet papers and wet wipes are also known to cause clogs

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Clearing your Blocked Drain

Some of the drain cleaning equipment and supplies used by our Blocked Drain Specialists include:

  1. Water jet drain cleaner
  2. High strength acid
  3. Electric Eel drain cleaner
  4. RootX, a root intrusion solution
  5. Bio-Clean drain septic bacteria

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Pyrmont Blocked Toilet

Herb had just finished doing the edges and mowing the lawn. He had swept down the path and the driveway and placed all of the lawn clippings into the green bin at the side of the house. He took a few moments to admire the work that he had just finished.

He used the broom the clean all of the grass and debris off the lawn mower before packing it away. He also cleaned off the grass catcher to ensure that none of the grass clippings were spilt on the floor of the garage. Herb kept a very neat garage as he loved his hobbies and always liked a neat and tidy work environment so that he could concentrate on his passion or creating wooden toys for his grandkids.

After working so hard in the garden mowing the lawn, Herb went to the downstairs bathroom and washed his hands. He also realised he needed to use the toilet, however once he flushed it he realised there was a problem. The water in the toilet rose almost to the rim and he stepped back thinking it was going to overflow.

He decided to wait until the cistern refilled and then try and flush the toilet again. The cistern refilled and toilet filled almost to the top again before draining away. Well third time lucky he said to himself. This time the toilet rose and slightly spilled over the top. The level only fell a little way so Herb decided it was time to call a plumber.

Herb looked in the local paper where he found Your Neighbourhood Plumber Pyrmont. He called the plumber and organised a time for an appointment the same day. He was pleased the plumber could come out so quickly so he didn’t have to worry about it for long.

The plumber was a friendly young man who was very keen to solve Herbs drain blockage. He said that he would clear some of the blockage then investigate the line with a sewer camera if they needed to see what was going on underground. The plumber explained to Herb that it may have been something like a toilet freshener that had jammed in the line causing the blockage as it was easily resolved with the high pressure water jetter.

Herb remembered that a few weeks ago his grandkids came over and he suspected they may have knocked the toilet freshener into the toilet either accidentally or thinking it was a fun thing to do.

For all blocked drain issues call the specialist plumber in Pyrmont on 0423 603 825.

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