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Plumber Pyrmont Services

Blocked Drain Problems

Plumber Pyrmont Blocked Drains

Herb had just finished doing the edges and mowing the lawn. He had swept down the path and the driveway and placed all of the lawn clippings into the green…Read More

Hot Water Systems

Plumber Pyrmont Hot Water

Nathan was getting rather frustrated with the problems he was having with his hot water. He was having a chat to one of his mates who was a…Read More

Emergency Plumbing Issues

Plumber Pyrmont Emergency Plumbing

It was a cold winter’s afternoon and Jasmyn had decided that she was going to watch one of her favourite romantic movies, sitting inside…Read More

Pipe Relining

Plumber Pyrmont Pipe Relining

Initial pipe cleaning. The first step is to partially clean the sewage pipes using a high pressure water jetter. This facilitates the video inspection… Read More

Fact About Plumber Pyrmont

Pyrmont is a mere 2 kilometres away from Sydney’s CBD, in the local government area of the City of Sydney. It makes up part of the darling Harbour region. It is the most heavily populated suburb in the country.Many of its buildings are now listed on the Register of the National Estate, including the Pyrmont Fire Station with Art Nouveau elements, a public school built in 1891 on Pyrmont’s John Street, the Waite and Bull building and numerous buildings in the Union Square, including the Harris Street post office, the Harlequin Inn Pub, and an array of other buildings, terraces and homes within the precinct.

Pyrmont is home to a number of commercial venues and corporations, including The Star casino and the headquarters of American Express Australia and Network TEN, to name a few, plus commercial radio stations Nova 96.9, Smooth 95.3, 2GB and 2SM.

At Plumber Pyrmont, we offer these plumbing services and more:

The installation of rainwater tanks, including post-installation servicing
We can unclog drains and pipes around the house and outdoors
Doing a reno? We can install your new toilets, vanities, sinks etc
We can service or completely overhaul your sewer system
We can fix leaky taps and install an updated set, if need be
We can address any gas line issues you have, any time of day
We can install rainwater tanks and offer you tips on how to best use them

For a plumbing service that delivers fast, friendly and affordable high quality same day plumbing services, call Plumber Pyrmont on 0402 290 290. A saving of $25 can be made if you book your job online. It’s Plumber Pyrmont’s way of showing our appreciation to our customers!

Why call Plumber Pyrmont? Here are 7 good reasons why:



Our plumbers work in tidy uniforms and take good care to make sure they haven’t left any mess for you to clean up after they finish their plumbing job for you



All our plumbing services at Plumber Pyrmont are cost-effective. To add to the value of our services, our plumbers will conduct a plumbing and safety inspection at your place after they’ve finished their job!



We don’t leave our customers waiting for us all day. We’ll be there on time, every time. Our fleet of vehicles are fully stocked at all times to ensure our plumbers can come to you quickly and get to it



A plumbing problem is even more frustrating when it happens in the middle of the night. Instead of fretting, call Plumber Pyrmont right away – any time of day! We’re there for you 24/7



Our plumbers live and breathe plumbing and look forward to helping you sort out your plumbing problem ASAP



Rest assured that the price you are quoted before we start a job is guaranteed. We won’t spring any extra costs on you



We fully guarantee each and every service carried out by our plumbers at Plumber Pyrmont. Complete customer satisfaction is what we strive for


“These guys are superb. Explained each step, full communication, friendly, model tradesmen ”
“Helpful and generous with his time and expertise. Would recommend him for further jobs ”
“Quick, professional and friendly. Would highly recommend ”

When Aaron smelt gas, even though all his stove knobs were turned off, he knew who to call for emergency plumbing services – Plumber Pyrmont, of course!

Aaron loved Sunday mornings – a walk on the beach with his dog Rufus, a long hot shower back home, followed by a big plate of bacon and eggs. As Aaron wandered down to the kitchen, feeling invigorated after the walk and soothing shower, Aaron was surprised to smell gas. As is the reaction of most people to the smell of gas, he panicked slightly. He must have left a burner on after frying his burger patty last night. Nope, everything was turned off! Aaron, thinking of his feet, rushed to find the tap to shut the gas valve. He remembered vaguely seeing it at the back of one of the cupboards when putting his dishes away after unpacking from his recent move. He found it and turned off the gas supply which gave him some relief. It was a Sunday morning. What was he to do, he wondered?

A quick Google search directed him to Plumber Pyrmont who advertised that they offered 24/7 emergency plumbing services! He didn’t hesitate to call right away. He was told to turn the gas supply which he had already done, and that a plumber would be at his place by lunch time.

Aaron was sceptical that a plumber would be over quickly, but sure enough, a plumber from Plumber Pyrmont was at his doorstep, smiling and in uniform and before long, was able to repair the leak and get Aaron’s gas service working efficiently again! Aaron was impressed, to say the least! After the plumber left, Aaron returned to the kitchen to get those bacon and eggs underway and restore order to his Sunday!

For fast and friendly emergency plumbing services, any time of day, be sure to call Plumber Pyrmont right away on 0402 290 290. We’ll be there to take care of your plumbing woes when you need us!